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Monday, September 5, 2011


...an expression of love's innate voice
the essence
the presence
the acceptance

I Belong to You…

I am an emotion,
balanced upon the crest of time.
A bounty unfolding into infinity;
Binding the integral gardens of your soul;
Suspending into the depths of eternality;
Reaching to unite belief into your heart.
I offer to you my unyielding passions;
Vowing unencumbered entrances of love…

With the gentle quietude of love’s ethereal voice;
To guide you into pools ennobling embodiments;
The ointments of passion’s breadth erased wounds;
Where devotional promises are jeweled by wings…
Fluttering upon bouquets of ardent rare perfumeries;
Intricacies offer their self to your elite elevations…

This fruition reaching for deliverance;
Looking into reflections mirroring questions;
Beckoning sustenance from chambers deep;
Incessantly calling, and reaching to know;
Who I am with certainty…and I offer myself,
for your acknowledgments to know;
…upon listening to clarity calling out your name.

I am your emotional evolution expanding,
giving to you the gilded awareness to hold.
Unwavering by the stillness of hope;
Realizations of impermeable truths,
destined to the palms of your life’s integral virtue…

Your vital hands…now in the vessels of forgiveness;
Bathe in the healing oils for your broken dreams.
Where conceptions are drifting into your thoughts;
I want you to intimately know your descrying visions;
Reaching to unite belief into your heart this presence
…a compass to believe in yourself.

It was I…an emotion vowed from eternality;
Balanced upon the crest of time;
Innate feelings expressing integrity;
Merits of dignified virtue;
I am an emotion…and I belong to you…
I am love…

In Joy, In Peace, In Grace, In Harmony of Love
Embraced ~ Embrassé
© Poetry by: Victoria L. McColley
© Vickie L. Mccolley | Dreamstime.com
Photography: Skin_Deep_by_mrcool256

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