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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Embracing The Soul

English: Comet 17P/Holmes. Even with the Moon ...English: Comet 17P/Holmes. Even with the Moon light and with high clouds the comet is still seen at the image. She was bright enough to see nucleus, but even the coma. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Bounty of Love…

...Embracing The Soul

You dance
as a perfect star
across the horizon of my soul;
Where I reach to know you,
and the gracility of your essence
as you perfume intimacy
upon the shadows of my being;
Where I wept
within the silent stillness;
Inside the waning breadth of eternity…
all the while
you overseen the darkness
to offer inside my ensouling birth
a beatitude-
Far beyond the humility
of my quietus thoughts;
Embracing the soul
of who I am
with promise…

…You dance as a perfect star;
Guiding my soul
to further know and embrace
the truth and the bounty
of love….

© Poetry by: Victoria L. McColley

The Carriage Of God

The Carriage Of God

Windswept upon the fallow fields of empyrean summits
dancing beneath the meadows of star struck daisies
fire flies questioned the ebony blanket of nocturnal velvet's
falling gingerly upon the earthen beds of pastures quietude…

Eventide’s whisper comes alive with twilight's glimmer
searching the integral bounty of slumber's waking moon
calling softly from the hidden shadows of silent dreams
eyes of solitude open the galaxy of translucent stars…

Flickering like gem stones fortune of rare jewels
dressing the garments of earth with pristine treasures
the cache of grassy knolls give an offering of tranquility
embracing the bodice of stillness with sweet utter warmth…

Seeds of love are scattered beneath the beauteous sands of time
closing the gates of emptiness with the melody of promise's vow
abiding us all into the sacred arms of the Lord's eternal salvation
where our souls imbue within the carriage of God's forgiving love...

Written: June 11th, 2009 1:42 p/m
In Joy, In Peace, In Grace, In Harmony of Love
Embraced ~ Embrassé
poétesse d'amour ~ poétesse romantique
Copyright© 2009 Poetess Victoria L. McColley

Monday, July 16, 2012

Divined Through Love

Getup Get God

Embraced Forevermore
Awaken sweet sensation
from the lull of surrendered sleep
Vast memories of joyful  jubilee
your heart needs no more to weep…
Come upon a midnight sleigh
this whisper of your Godly dreams
In heart's devotion of your soul
the Lord's voice forever streams...
To hold in honors the torch afire
your needs fulfilled in yearnings quest
The soulful pleasures abridging your soul
Are held within divinity's crest…
A suited armor divined through love
your hearts embraced forevermore
Into the depths of Gods loving eyes
heartache has finally closed the door…

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Sunday, July 15, 2012


The Jordan River
The Jordan River (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If one would try to see through the lush forest;
For the abundant trees growing camouflage;
There would be an arrival to complete clarity…

The coded emblems of value which grow from fertility;
Presented before the entrance to our personal vestibules;
Are upon journey’s road
where truth can sometimes be obscured…

The prolific limbs of wisdom are fruitful branches
to life sustaining,
growing amidst adversity in unwavering fertile soils.
These symbolic leaves are the budding jewels hidden above;
If only we reach with our hearts to grasp their instilling vision…

We could see within our hearts chamber
a rising to newfound wisdoms,
the cobble stones we have decisively paved
are the awaiting paths to thresholds unseen.
…and it is there we may take refuge
upon the rich border grasses;
trimmed and neatly pruned
by blossoms anointing fragrances…

Giving our souls descrying sight to the future
of lush vines growing love’s bounty;
Painted with serene canary's embowering songs
by eventide’s all knowing harmony …

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Spiritual Bounty Spirituality's Embrace

Spirituality’s Embrace

The eyeless mind conceives continuity
an amaurotic core
into our enlightenments
where the respiring soul whispers
underneath the innate songs
of the delicate wind
…offering our hearts to exhale
into divine unions
this diaphanous knowing
of spirituality’s embrace
as we become one beauteous gift
descried by love…

In All the Truth of Love’s Unending Bounty We Grow…

© Poetry by: Victoria L. McColley
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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Our Diaphanous Embrace: Emotional Harmony

Melodious are the carousels
Dancing with emotional harmony
uniting the delectable whispers
within these: our desirous songs…

We intimately sing
throughout the compass of time
Echoic into the garden of love’s bounty
This unison within our intrinsic souls

enduing upon the fate of our destined affinity
evermore reaching
Reflecting within
this serene undulation
our diaphanous embrace
beholding emotional treasures
dancing amidst unisons of love…