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Druidic Seeress ☪ Celtic Wisdom

Campestral Voices:

The circle of the sun chambered inside the abdomens of our living wombs is where all our intuitional voices have been planted by spirituality. I do not follow religion titles nor religious order and houses, but I do listen to the divining voices within my soul. These spiritual guides channel through the vessel of my personal journey here on earth, as they do for you too. We all are ordinary people with extraordinary gifts given to us. How we each identify with the supreme being(s) conceived is primarily a geological location of our sacred teachers and learning. Through the web we all are able to reach out and learn about our brothers and sisters, and embrace what they have to offer.
I believe every global practice of worship has vital insight to the holy alters of our universal existence. No belief is better than another, nor are any beliefs completely true over another. They all are profound in truths: Love being our thriving core. The poetic expressions I share across the web are through these voices I hear, and my personal interest and love in wordsmithing and poeticizing. May you listen to the voices within you as they have been there from the birth of conception.

Gwyddon|Druidic Voices

The Sacred Nine

Past the visceral alter of chaos
Her eyes are the Ourania globes of beauty
Where moons and Saturn rings motion
Orbiting above the gossanous clouds
Where the drone of infinity whispers
And the night hawks of the universe soar
Reaching across the  heavenly gardens
Your feathered wing floats upon festive songs
Embroidered by the vitreous stars of light
Oh sweetest mother of musical nectar
Illuming her breast divining canorous gifts
Inspirations songtress offers the banquets of her soul
Beneath the Gold and Violet Crowns of Mousai…

...and the guthanna spioradálta:

living  inside the  voices  of eternality, the  wind carries
the souls of the bardic muses into the ovate visionaries
The druidical  thoughts of the marrows echo as the 
calamity howler rises to the moon. 
Knowing the compass of time buries deep within the edge of infinity;
Birthing inside divination unto the seeress of  th e sacred forest
where the limbs whisper to the trees growing
with runic truth... 

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