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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Exotic Demure: Beauteous Heart

Embracing Love Within Tenderness of Wisdoms Beholden...


Reviewed by Regis Auffray 3/7/2009

Written in classic "Vickiese;" thank you for sharing your gift, Vickie. Love and hugs,

Regis xo

Reviewed by Dale Clark 3/5/2009

I love this, Victoria, so very beautiful.

Reviewed by David Arthur Walters 3/3/2009

Thank You!

Reviewed by Gene Williamson 3/3/2009

Dear Victoria, what a dull old world it would be if I couldn't
lose myself in the colorful (I might say beautifully colorful}
language of your "ensouling visions" every day or so. -gene.

Reviewed by Elizabeth Price 3/3/2009

YES. Excellent write. Liz

Reviewed by Jon Willey 3/3/2009

surely, demure is the hook for the erotic -- your poetry is indicative of a wonderful imagination Vickie -- peace,love and joy to you my friend -- JMW

Reviewed by Karen Palumbo 3/3/2009

The art of creativity is within your blessed hands....

Be always safe,

Reviewed by Felix Perry 3/3/2009

A definate write of feminine mystic that scores major points with the romantics who read.


Reviewed by richard cederberg 3/3/2009

Poetess ...
You always have something to say that touches me in special ways. It's obvious that you love language, and I adore how you painstakingly choose your words to express precisely what is in your heart. This is beautifully formatted and the message is strong and centered. Keep up the great work!
Blessings ...

Reviewed by Amber Moonstone 3/3/2009

Alluringly beauteous! So feminine and soft as a woman should be.
Peace, love, and light,
Amber "V"

Reviewed by Linda Settles 3/3/2009

Champion of femininity--write on!

Reviewed by Georg Mateos 3/3/2009

One reads the poem and the room fills with that feminine perfume, discrete, warm, unreachable and yet...full of promises.


Reviewed by Sheila Roy 3/3/2009

For me, this poem captures the mystery that is woman. We are complex, at times a paradox. I love the last two lines especially. They give a sense of freedom to be the way we are. Love and Hugs,

Photography Artist: Branislav Ostojic

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