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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Virginal Flowers

Did that forcibly spew you off the stairwell's cliff edge?
The wanting in an unprecedented fashion;
Seizing the day like fingertips in frosting,
and calling into the dark closet like an orphaned child
afraid of the silent monster…roar and scores sores…

Who would have ever thought that those old story books filled with cob webs could release such a curiosity as this?
It flatters the martyr in more ways
than anyone could ever imagine...

But still stepping on the toes of an elephant is never a good idea-
Because you just can’t force these sorts of things on anyone;
No matter how you make your wishes or your private schemes-
People see through the foresting of the idiosyncrasy of tree tops...
They are like little moths and butterflies scoping out the virginal flowers;
Smelling & sampling all the goods of the nectarous juices,
and peeping on the eyes of the sun shining into the perfumes of darkness...

So fall sweet surrender…fall freely
But make sure you catch yourself on the way down…

Free Versing by Vickie L. McColley © 2012
(written: March 7th, 2012 6:26 p/m)


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  1. Very good frame to look at this. Ben formally of Knox.

  2. Hi Ben! :) Thank You so much :) & how have you been? Where are you now? Are you on facebook? Here is my link if you are would be great to addie each other: https://www.facebook.com/authoressromanticpoetess