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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

...As I See

Karlienz arrived
standing alongside my heart
she and I peered into clarity
through windows pane we see
visionary eyes upon thousands of lepidopteran wings...fluttering

Poeticizing Moments by Victoria L. McColley,Authoress Of Poetry,Poetic Authoress,Indiana Poetess,Poet Poets,Photography Hobbyist,Floral Blossoms,Bleeding Hearts,Fushia Pinks

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...As I See

finger tips caressing sensations of her soul

the erotic canvas spread into embodied unions

memories of yesterday...tomorrow...today

those scars of sabotage left alone unhealed...

no matter the sorrows from graves buried deep

the eve of love's alter is casting euphoric visions

anointing upon gentle thoughts reflecting erotic desires

where promises are believed by tender words...

do years of wanting ever change our paths

when love rests upon liberation of gentle wings

with integrity to honor passion's devote kiss

as thighs and lips release moments of pleasure

the sensual sounds of our souls entwining evermore

we sensately meld abandoned as one into each other

knowing true gifts of our orgasmic bonding release

sharing love's song like no other can sing

your touch opens my soul to know erotic truth

with clarity upon this heart our body embraced

your eyes silently reaching with uncertainty

inside your quietude and stillness

...as I see who you really are.

(Written: June 22nd, 2010 2:45 p/m)

© Poetess Victoria L. McColley

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