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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lustrate Wind Tides..

© Vicki France | Dreamstime.com

Lustrate Wind Tides

He woke the aphoristic thunders of deep creations

The echoic storms over their mountains lifting prophets

As a constellation of possessional forces & spirituality

…and yet along the concise edge of infinity she stood

outstretched with her illuminous arms in precious nectar

like a Zephyrus meadowing perfumery

plucking boronia roots and calendula petals…

Drenching in honeysuckle garlands

She sang to him through her ancestral visions

Inside his waning heart…chiming melodious intentions

Into the very heart which dies with veils of sorrow

Engraving permanence a little more everyday

into the eternality of their fiery flames… forevermore…

Lonely and yet full of abandon’s surrender

Where he knew she could still see his genteel beauty

Without the harrowing questions and disporting conceptions

The absolute sonata of dances and silent balletic waltz’s

Parade as they spoke diaphanously through their moon ferals

Whispery & enchanting as eventide over evocative serenities…

… and yet tranquilly coincidental

…those transcendental isles beckoning

While deliberately released within quietude’s calm clover

into the ethereal promises of their edulcorate souls & repose

as the conciseness of their elliptic harmonies continue embracing

they dance the new dances of the lustrate wind tides

alone in unisons…as one rainbowic arc.

© 2011 Poetry by: Victoria L. McColley

Beautiful Melody by RobbyNelms

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