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Monday, November 7, 2011

Spiritual Messengers ♝ The Great Spirit

Spiritual Messengers

By Romantic Authoress & The Muses by: Victoria L. McColley

Poetic representation of diligence
through the beautiful details spun by intricacy of persistence's
weaving fibers unique designs…Spiritual Messengers…



Spiritual Messenger

Weaving an inflection of emotional pursuit,

steadfast dispersions from a spiritual messenger arrive;

bound by the misting quietude of midnight.

Dancing with silk emotions
 from the soul of life’s unseen reasons,
presence announces itself…
…Tenderly conjoining the illusory path
of purity through authentic meanings,
 …values of importance are woven
 with transparent clarity towards one final outcome…

…Meandering with the winds of change
cloaked by the cleansing threads of oneness;
Continuances design spin through perseverance
to find magnificent fabrics of life….striven effortlessly
without moments of time escaping into
these diligent measures of distance…
The delicate expressions form intricate beauty,
 unifying togetherness;
catching dew drops of purity
through the sublime settles of nightfall’s tranquility…

The interlacing fabric of achievements create constructive meanings
dissipating worthy purposes into the expulsions of daybreak…
Cascading into
the translucency of yet another moment in time;
weaving fragility’s strength;
 …through the diligence of completions web…

The darkness’s of hour’s nighttime
are patiently strung through
as one magnificent succession of determination;
To be dissolved by the very dew drops it gathers
 When exposed to the morning rays of prismatic light;
Casting this spiritual messenger
upon the warm breadth of guidance
released into the dawn…

(Written: August 11th, 2009 11:43 a/m)

In Joy, In Peace, In Grace, In Harmony of Love
Embraced ~ Embrassé
poétesse d'amour ~ poétesse romantique
 Copyright© 2009 Poetess Victoria L. McColley



Reviewed by dan Rosenhagen 9/16/2009

Artistic eyes, poets tongue have you, I say.

As is the web of life invisible,
which has captured within itself
all that ever was and will ever be.

And your wisdom carries on........

Reviewed by Jon Willey 9/9/2009

Vickie, your interpretation of this event is magnificently creative and original -- a most enjoyable rendering my friend -- peace and love --Jon Michael

Reviewed by David cox 8/14/2009

wow what an experience, maybe a sign from the universe as we are all all a part of this mysterious web that we call life,
evryone is connected by this web,our souls , our sprit, maybe you are being reminded of this connection, maybe you have lost contact with someone and now is the time to try to restablish contact,
spiders web look so fragile but they are made of trong stuff for their size.in dreams to see a spiders web means god fortune, so like i said maybe a sign.
and the poem. words spun into a magical web of wonder.
keep spinning that magic vickie.

Reviewed by Georg Mateos 8/13/2009

The poem is a "...translucency of yet another moment in time..." perfect and delicately weaved like a quasi perfect spider's web.


Reviewed by Amber Moonstone 8/12/2009

Victoria, first let me tell you that your photos and your poem struck me deeply. Here is my take on the spider web significance in your life.

A spider weaves its web, starting from the outside and working toward the center.
A web is perfect but there is a hole in the center of the circle.
Use the web to help yourself to reach your goals and make good use of your ideas, dreams, and visions.
If you believe in The Great Spirit, the web will catch your good ideas--and the bad ones will go through the hole. (Native American belief)
Also, a web represents unity of spirit and body, strength and sharing.
I believe these webs are there for a reason. To enhance and alert your intuitive and visionary mind. Don't blow this off as a natural occurrence, because it was meant for you to see them at this point in your life. Yes you hit it on the money, when you called this piece Spiritual Messengers. That they are.
In peace, love, and light,
Amber "V"

Reviewed by Felix Perry 8/12/2009

As always your narration made me feel I was there walking with you and although I hate spiders the pictures you took are wonderful. Thanks for sharing the info, poem and pictures.

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