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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Death With Dignity

Terminally Ill Death Sentences don’t have to be a one way ticket
(The Death With Dignity Act)

Wow I was watching today's recording of Dr. Oz show & it was so intense! The lady in the wheel chair's story brought tears to my eyes. It's a sensitive topic & also an important one for family members too as well as the individual whom is diagnosed with terminal disease(s).

There are so many sides to the situation & of course this choice is a personal perspective to the topic sporting Montel Williams experience & voice about his attempted suicide which gave him a new platform towards the topic: Death With Dignity Act.

Very deep strong issues from every angle, but in all honesty each individuals terminal disease accompanied with their pain and suffer is unique to their definition of “quality of life“ & so too are their choices. I myself am thrilled that this is happening for people to have control over their suffering into death, rather than suffering throu into the bitter end.

This subject flares many people's beliefs & through processes because on the norm we do not think ahead about stuff like this as it is usually always up to the family members to decide when to "pull a plug" and the family member will often always suffer in guilt unable to make the choices.

So put the power of control in the hands of the one who is terminally ill and yes this is totally with Dignity...

Among the conversations this one doctor mentioned we already have the option for suicide by means of refusing treatment, but The Death With Dignity Act goes beyond deliberate suffering by refusing treatments to sustain life and offer a painless enthenazation cocktail. WOW Dr. Korvorkien you were ahead of the times for sure...

here is a snippet:
"Montel Williams is a survivor of multiple sclerosis and the excruciating pain that can accompany the disease. On a recent episode of 'The Dr. Oz Show' Williams confessed that at one point he was ready to commit suicide to escape the pain and entrapment of the disease. Although he changed his mind, he believes that doctors should be able to help 'Aid-In-Dying' of a terminally ill patient."

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