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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Daily Free Verse: Authoring Poetry a survivors memoir w/photo

she was a young star that filled the night of darkness with spirituous jewels...ohh those secrets she seen... child of the sun

she is a locket now sacred sweet muse who had kept herself locked inside...shine on my darling beauty...shine on...pirouette 

I see you still...unafraid now looking at the crowd of strangers who never knew you...who never seen your purpose or soul...

shine on...glistering in memories & flying through the ignited sky of dreams

opening even still her arms as gifts from the soul of love no matter the evility that painted her confusion dancing with youth...dance sweet surrender dance with the oracle jewels...

slumber tonight with the safety of angels as god watches over you...cry...cry sweet child...cry your release...you are a vibrant star as the darkness is now your friend...

© Free Verse Poetry
by Victoria L. McColley
Image: Vickie McColley


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