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Monday, April 2, 2012

Brilliance Of Your Soul

Brilliance Of Your Soul
by Poetic Literature Authoress : Victoria L. McColley
Friday, February 25, 2011

within the mindscape of your spiritual purity

Brilliance Of Your Soul

Through the discerning eyes of love’s quintessential core
Your vitality trills unveiling within transcendent visions
Where the unequalled essence of life reveals meaning
Manifesting from the concealing shadows of objectivity
Into the glister of reflections astounding spiritual light
Emitting deistic introspection into the visors of clarity
Your extant emotions give witness to the birth of love
Where you opened the sorrowed gates of uncertainty 
Repressing ruination’s wounds of awareness with sublime peace
Birthing living beliefs inside the embodiments of true wisdom
Where the brilliance of your soul reaches with absolute surrender…
© Poetry by: Victoria L. McColley 2011

Evolution Of Soul

Reviewed by D. Vaineo 2/28/2011

Victoria, Emotional, loving, favorite lines, "Your extant emotions
give witness to the birth of love" "Where you opened the sorrowed gates of uncertainty."

Reviewed by Don Juan Amante 2/26/2011

wonderfully expressed

Reviewed by Christine Alwin 2/26/2011

Powerfully beautiful Vickie, I feel your words taking grasp of me, you always shine!

Reviewed by Liana Margiva 2/26/2011

BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Liana Margiva

Reviewed by John Flanagan 2/26/2011

Many may see and feel what the soul is, Vickie,
but very few can express it at all and fewer still
as well as this.


Reviewed by TONY NERONE 2/25/2011

So very beautifully crafted. As usual my mind opens when I read your extraordinary written works.
Love and Peace

Reviewed by Christine Tsen 2/25/2011

So otherworldly!

Reviewed by Felix Perry 2/25/2011

Oh Vic, this one rings with the birthing of love in all it's glory both the good and the bad, the uncertainties and the exploding beauty of realization.

Reviewed by Morgan Merriweather 2/25/2011

poem is brilliant.....Morgan

Reviewed by Gene Williamson 2/25/2011

Victoria, dear, I can assure you that my vitality frequently trills in the glister of your astounding spiritual light...where I bask in the brilliance of your soul with absolute surrrender. I am an inexorable slave to the lingual beauty of your transcendant visions.
In short, I'm in love with the language of your poetry. -gene.

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