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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Prowlers Of Thoughts


Prowlers of Thoughts
She circumvents among rose thorns;
Quietuses embedding...
Elusive is the captive wings;
Breaking upon broken glass.
Panes made with willows;
The baskets are woven from corn shucks.
The moths are following her destinations;
Leaving fluttering trails within every room...
Dust collected upon her memories;
She seemed distant within her solemnity.
Waking throughout the hours upon sable moons;
Listening to the prowlers of thoughts;
Their voices disrupting her dreams...
They willfully will not be denied;
Not everyone can hear them;
and they know that she can…

In Joy, In Peace, In Grace, In Harmony of Love
Love’s Bounty Embracing Unisons of Truth
“Prowlers of Thoughts”
 Copyright© Poetess Victoria L. McColley

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