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Friday, September 16, 2011

Romance ಞ DESIGNER SEA KNOTS ಞ Romance

Designer Sea Knots

Is it so absurd to hang a mooring line’s noose
to spar a roping knot
of yacht braids with anchors bend
upon the historic magnificence of an oak tree?

The reaching limbs…one in particular
are an invitation extending ideas
mighty and strong…standing with presence!

So tell me…is it really so absurd
harnessing the oak branch with another loop
for the bitter ends
as we know it are hand whipped
carried diligently from the marina scrap yard…

And the clever mind she owns-grows
in thoughts to persevere
or is it poverty and boredom that moves her?

To constantly possess within her mind
these offerings
she takes from her back yard
a ratty $12.00 high back lawn chair
a margarite pearling jewel to her
what could she be thinking?

She slips the plastic legs into the designer sea knots
Belaying…bowline…figure eights…
Double sheet bend to prevent slipping
and the arms are cinched and secured
with bight and loop…

…and there with her specially spliced
torque free ropes of tensile strength
fastened and hitched…her buoy winches;
A princess is lifted into the chair swing
and she owns the sky with her imagination…

© Vickie L. McColley
© Vickie L. Mccolley Dreamstime.com

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