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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Your Beautiful Poesies

you float as prismatic orbs & spheres reflecting hues of beauty...

Your Beautiful Poesies

Saturn bells are drifting
rings upon her vitreous soul;
Hailing glory to all halleluiah
deportments of love’s final extol…

Banishing this song to nymphville
where oceans are baking the sand,
and lovers are pooling inside their self
the things we will never understand…

And you rise above the mountains
soaring through the oceanic sea;
Dipping on top of iridian rainbows
blessing the days of serendipity…

And the do-dah sang to cat-man-dew
washing whales upon the naked shore;
Building bigger than ever sand castles
eating cotton candies which I surely adore…

And you opened my mind to fetching fantasy
as you gave me starlit flock’s ambrosial wings;
Which floated my gala thoughts to Saturn
as I dropped the wishing bells to clearly see…

The rings around your beautiful posies
where pockets are full of hungry rhyme
are you dancing with these poetic passions
until the very end of begotten time…

© Poetry by: Victoira L. McColley

© Vickie L. McColley FaceBook
© Vickie L. Mccolley Dreamstime.com
© Andrey Popov | Dreamstime.com

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