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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

VELVET (Captured Moments)

The raven in this poetic expression is actually an owl...and he (or she) randomly visits the tree right out side my bedroom window in the night....as for symbolisms (which I love) someone told me that in the spiritual belief of Indians the Owl comes for a soul, but I am also told that the house is protected when a sparrow hits the window & this happens too...however I am still trying to figure out how to save the birds from flying into the reflections of my windows....as this tears me apart....
May Your Day Be Blessed With Inner Peace & the Beautiful Sustenance of Inspiration! 

Subtle shadows fraught
Cast velvet blankets upon suffusions rouge
Laden by charcoaled inflection
Repletion’s darkness paints ebony dreams
Coiled within quietude’s visions
The petals of woman penetrate stygian hours
Erecting through mystic pillars of painted coal
The coalescent shadows of a raven are heard
Washing the vestige echo of love’s stain
Beneath amorphous petals unfolding silence
A tenebrous canvas is stroked with stillness’s
within the velvet blankets of hidden beauty

(Written: September 4th, 2009 7:25 p/m)

In Joy, In Peace, In Grace, In Harmony of Love
Embraced ~ Embrassé
poétesse d'amour ~ poétesse romantique
 Copyright© 2009 Poetess Victoria L. McColley

Reviewed by Sheila Roy 9/13/2009

Beautifully penned, Vickie. As always:) Hugs,

Reviewed by J'nia Fowler 9/6/2009

Soft, undulating, lovely words that sweep one round and round on a soft velvet blanket. Well penned. hugs, J'nia

Reviewed by Don Juan Amante 9/5/2009

a wonder-filled pen

Reviewed by D. Vaineo 9/5/2009

Victoria, Simply 'beautiful', your words flowing.
As Always,

Reviewed by richard cederberg 9/5/2009

Velvet, charcoaled inflection, petals unfolding, erecting, mystic pillars - I sense a kindredness (certainly in my own life as I move through the seasons) in this imagery and the gist of your thoughts. And the metaphor of the flower (the image is so utterly and sensually feminine - the effect is mesmerizing) is present in much of your poetic work.

Loves mystery emerging from the gloom of lifes wash of grays and blacks, the silent cry's of the emotionally impoverished reaching for anything that makes them feel alive, a burgeoning of vitality, the invisibility of élan vital embracing and intoxicating like the gentle touch of cool wind. There is much beauty in this world that will never be understood, nor should it.

Exceptional work!
You are growing as a writer
Blessings ...

Reviewed by Christine Alwin 9/5/2009

....such softness of beauty blossoms in your words...goregous Victoria.

Reviewed by Felix Perry 9/5/2009

Three s's here...soft, sweet and sensual. This write embodies romantic poetry at it's best...loved it.


Reviewed by Rose Rideout 9/5/2009

Another beautiful write Vickie. Thank you for sharing and as for stopping our feathered friends from hitting the window, I made a few calls and there is nothing we can do as they think they have found their mate in the reflections. Thank you again.

Newfie hugs, Rose

Reviewed by Georg Mateos 9/5/2009

Oh! to caress that soft velvet skin as a tenebrous canvas are stroked by amorphous petals falling with the sound of silence...


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