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Monday, March 26, 2012

Revisiting Poetic Memoirs

I Am
by Poetry Authoress Victoria L. McColley

Michelle's Challenge
A Poetic Descriptive Compilation
a Few Varied Facets of Me....

I Am…

I am weakness overcome by strength;
I am insecurity within my confidence;
I am emotional with passionate love;
I am selfish with my generosities;
I am honest with my truths;
I am poverty overcame by womanhood;
I am a victim who became a survivor;
I am bruised within the damage of my loving heart;
I am fragile underneath my stolidity;
I am distrusting until I am shown trustworthy;
I am sorrows embraced by acceptance;
I am gentle underneath my callous exterior;
I am a lesson of life nurtured by wisdoms;
I am blessed with voices creative gifts & vision;
I am much more than I already know I am;
I am a child of God believing in The Holy Spirit;

I am imperfect with a perfect soul;
I am very spiritual;
I am Victoria L. McColley;
I am your den sister…

(Written: August 27th, 2008 3:40 a/m)
In Joy, In Peace, In Grace, In Harmony of Love
Embraced ~ Embrassé
poétesse d'amour ~ poétesse romantique
Copyright© 2008 Poetess Victoria L. McColley

Michelle Mead (Michelle's Challenge)

Reviewed by A Serviceable Villain 11/17/2008


So nice meeting you, and thanks for being open - vous sembler fascinante personne, et votre poésie - mon Dieu - c'est tous les superlatifs façon!!



Reviewed by Michelle Mead 9/6/2008

I love it, your details are great in this. I am glad Regis showed me this, I couldn't keep up with all the challenge responses, lol, so was afraid i may have missed some, this is really great!!! Blessings, Michelle

Reviewed by Regis Auffray 9/6/2008

And I am glad to know you, Vickie. I find your verses an exercise in validation and I respectfully find it very well done. Powerfully yet nicely expressed. Love and best wishes to you,


Reviewed by Bernice Angoh 9/6/2008

Great poem, Your new poems are so full of depth and they tickle my brain, beautiful!

Reviewed by Rose Rideout 9/4/2008

I somehow knew all this before I read your words, maybe because we are den sisters. Thank you Vickie for sharing.

Newfie hugs, Rose

Reviewed by Sheila Roy 8/30/2008

I love how you use opposites for these descriptions. You are brave to share this inward glance with us. Live well!

Reviewed by S Phillips 8/30/2008

Victoria, what a powerful write. I love that you see the strength and virtue in weaknesses, along with the recognition that having overcome your challenges, you are much more than the equation of that, you are "a lesson in life!" Well-done.

Reviewed by Joyce Bowling 8/30/2008

loved this write...I feel a wonderful connection reading your poetry as it is filled with heart and soul as well as much sincerity...well done! Enjoyed!
Joyce B.

Reviewed by Jon Willey 8/30/2008

so many desirable facets to the lovely poetess of love and romance -- talk the talk and walk the walk -- JMW

Reviewed by Richard Orey 8/30/2008

In the Holy Bible, God describes himself as "I am that I am."
And there's something godly in this and all your writings.

My dear Victoria, I melt in your presence.


Reviewed by Linda Law 8/29/2008

Well my dear Victoria... I like you...and... I too am your den sister (or possibly mom/grandmom/old thing, etc...:-)) Our hearts do seem to connect no matter the generational changes.. I love your spirit and it comes across quite victoriously...as your name implies! lindalaw

Reviewed by Gianetta Ellis 8/28/2008

Truly lovely, Victoria - the 'story of you' is touching and inspirational.

Reviewed by Samuel Stone 8/27/2008

A well written piece... and I agree you are...
Best Wishes...

Reviewed by Karen Palumbo 8/27/2008

You are all the fine qualities that make you so very special and a unique individual. Treasure all the qualities that led you to where you are today and always be proud of your accomplishments. A very wonderfully inspiring piece of truth....

Be always safe,

Reviewed by Edwin Hurdle 8/27/2008

You are the rose that blossoms in the garden of poetry with your words,your honesty,your soul and your beauty that shines bright like the sun fill with love and compassion for humanity and everything that is precious in life.You are a jewel that has a 24 karrot gold of heart that is display through your works.No matter what poem it is,I always love and enjoy reading your poetry.Don't ever change your ways and most importantly don't ever change who you are.The AuthorDen is honor to have someone like you to showcase your talents and your individuality.Take care of yourself


Reviewed by Rodney Bohen 8/27/2008


Reviewed by Robby Baby Poet of Amour 8/27/2008

This poem made me cry a bit :) What a powerful piece of honest humanity. Your soul is so utterly honest in your poetry, which gives all your writing a frankness that is sometimes lacking in some peoples poetics. This was a very powerful write that went beyond dissecting it for me. I couldn't dissect it and say it was effetive or not. It is simply a lovely, honest and powerful poem. The pic is great :) It reflets the honest side of you that is a wonderful compliment to your sultry side and your sultry poetics

Peace and love you to :)
Robert M

Reviewed by Authoress & The Voices Of Muse Victoria L. McColley 8/27/2008

Groovy Babe!!
I Did That Wall In The Back Ground of My Photo With A Sea Sponge :)
& well it did come out to be rather purple didn't it? lol
I Love To Paint :)
Much Love & Hugzzz To All Who Have Visited :)
Thank You so Much For your Visit:) (and any new comers too)

Reviewed by Poetess of The Soul Sheila G 8/27/2008

YOU sure are Sis! All this and so much more!
I love this poem1
She is also
sweet, kind and I could go on!
I'm glad you are my friend!
You are straightforward and I want to do this challenge, I didn't know was a challenge, Hmmm... What am I missing!
The back purple wall is AWESOME looking Vic!
Warmest Blessings and Inner Peace, Warrior Purple Soulful Sheexooo

STay POSitive! YOU what else, with all you have gone through, I AM PROUD OF YOU! Many hugs and pats on your back, I am sending you through my loving energy Sis!

Reviewed by Gene Williamson 8/27/2008

A lovely profile of the lovely young woman who puts romance
in our lives. Victoria, they grow 'em mighty nice in Indiana.

Reviewed by Amber Moonstone 8/27/2008

This is Vickie, My spirit sister, What a beautiful response to Michelle's challenge..(I have yet to do one)
Much peace, love, and light,
Amber "V"

Reviewed by Mary Lacey, Desertrat 8/27/2008


What a clever use of oxymorons! Beautifully written,..sister.


Reviewed by Sandie May Angel-Joyce 8/27/2008

I'm so glad to know you, Victoria!!! You are a wonderful being!!!

Sandie Angel :o)

Reviewed by Debra Baker 8/27/2008

Victoria you are truely a woman of compassion and strength with a heart of passion and a soul who embraces life. God has taught you to cherish and love every minute of life to it fullest...my Dear Friend...

Reviewed by Paul Berube 8/27/2008


You are a beautiful person inside and out. Peace, Love and Blessings Always, Paul.

Reviewed by Dawn Anderson 8/27/2008

Vicky, I can't tell you how beautiful this one. One of the best I have read concerning this challenge so far!

Reviewed by Felix Perry 8/27/2008

...and I am impressed, for you are all of these and so much more. Great job Vick of presenting such a wonderful likeness and I love that picture...so you.

Reviewed by Valerie Roeske 8/27/2008

Vicky, Great beauty here with the pen, you sound spitirually strong, and great to have you as a sister, Take care, Hugs Valerie

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