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Monday, March 26, 2012

Biblical Sage: Jedidiah beloved of The Lord

Jedidiah beloved of The Lord
Archaic sage…sanctifying hallows
Exoteric King of Ophir whispers through you still,
as we walk with the mandarin of hope
prescient within your nobelesse visions...

I behold once again scriptures gateway;
Lined by the diamonds of a jewels crown...

These pearls of wisdom are droplets pelting as rainfall;
Thundering across the changeless forest of Lebanon, while reflections gleaming across the pietistic minds of mankind continue this eternal homage offering us all into sanctuary's house of holy worship:

Oh Solomon, King of Israel and Judah
gifting us with your descriable treasures-
For you the prophet of wisdom we are a humble servant...

Through these judicious verses you bestow
I listen with the rue and the turtle doves, where the divine temples are sacredly erected, and I stand within the presence of judgments staircase;
Embracing the glorious ensoulments of knowledge
and this fragrantly scented sandalwood...

I gratefully sing with you this noblest precious song...
Into the porch of cedar pillars...
These canticles…the song of songs…
the songs of all songs...these hymnals...
Numinous rose…heavenly trumpets…

© 2012 Victoria L. McColley
(written March 26th, 2012 3:23 p/m) (TWEET TWEET)

© Tenyo Marchev | Dreamstime.com

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